mill synchronous motors

TDMK series synchronous motors (including TDMK series brush synchronous motors and TMW series brushless synchronous motors) are widely used in mining, cement and other industries. They are mainly used to drive mechanical equipment with low speed and high power, and mainly drive lattice ball mills, rod mills, coal mills, etc. This series of motors adopt new technology, new materials, new technology, exquisite material selection and excellent manufacturing. They have the characteristics of small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance, high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, safe and reliable operation, convenient use and maintenance, etc.

these series synchronous motors have 2 desigh: shaft drilling motors and shaft without drilling motors.

*The shaft drilling motor must be used with the pneumatic clutch (the pneumatic clutch needs to be prepared by the user).

*The shaft without drilling motor needs high starting performance (it shall be clearly indicated when ordering).

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